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  • The CMS Critic Awards - Nominate Joomla! today!!

    Joomla has been a consistent winner on CMS critic awards in various categories since the inception of the awards in 2012. It won the award for ‘Best free CMS’ for 2 times in a row already. It’s time to score a hat-trick!


  • Call for Translators of two JUG Docs

    The JUG Team helps JUGs around the world become Registered Joomla! User Groups. For years the Rules and FAQs and Terms of Service articles have been in English only and then in Spanish. There are many, many more languages that would help prospective JUGs understand the rules before they submit their listings to the JUG Team. It would speed up the process if they could read the rules/terms in their own languages.


  • How do you #joomla?

    Who are the users of the Product? What is its target market and how do people use it?
    These questions are very important in deciding the direction of the product from a production perspective and the positioning of the product from a Marketing perspective. These are also questions that are frequently discussed in the community but we do not have any hard data to define our audience better.